Branding Your Event – Six Easy Tips!

Incorporating Logos into Décor is a great way to make even smaller companies feel big time!  Here are five places to add your logo at the event:

  1. Projecting your logo within your lighting package is an instant upgrade to your logo
  2. Branded staff. The staff is all yours for the evening, so why not include them in the branding with custom t-shirts or lapel pins branded with your logo?
  3. Custom wraps. If you’re willing to make an investment, everything can be yours to brand.  Buses can be wrapped, entry steps can be custom covered, and banners can be hung to greet your guests with your logo.
  4. Anything printed- invitations, menu cards, bus signage, you know the drill- anything that goes through the printer is fair game to brand.
  5. Food- desserts are the best places to include your logo (printed on a cookie is our most popular!), but creative chefs can include it in butter molds and elsewhere!
  6. Parting gifts- There’s no better way to leave a lasting impression that with a gift that is branded to take home.
Roberts Event Group at Franklin Institute

Roberts Event Group at Franklin Institute

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