Enhancing your Meeting Environment


Meeting attendees can get bored and restless when having to sit in hotel ballrooms all day. We have found several ways to get creative and shake up an average meeting. Enhancements can be added to the format of the meeting, seating for meetings and even breaks during meetings. Here are some great ways to enhance your next meeting:

  • Bring in soft seating to create a more comfortable meeting environment. You can use coaches instead of banquet chairs to give attendees a chance to be more relaxed during all day meetings.
  • Attendees can get tired from all day meetings – allow them to relax by bringing in therapy dogs to sit with attendees during meeting breaks.
  • Create spontaneous meeting breaks by bringing in a fitness instructor to get attendees out of their seats, stretching, to get their blood flowing and energy levels up.
  • Reconfigure how general session is usually set – if you always have guests face forward to screens in the front of the room, try changing it up by have the room set in the round.
  • Another great way to enhance a meeting break is to add a chair masseuse – this helps attendees relax after attending long meetings.
  • Lastly, adding greenery to the meeting rooms can create a more relaxed comfortable environment for attendees. Bring in ficus or areca palms to add to the break area or general session roomcorporate-event-planner