Guests Feeling Left Out In The Cold? 5 Tips To Give Them a Warm Experience This Season

We couldn’t agree more with this article and the importance of exceeding guest’s expectations.  It is at the core of our service philosophy when partnering with hotels, venues, caterers, restaurants, etc. to be an extension of the best in hospitality services.

By Brooke Cade, Freelance Writer – InMoment

During the holiday season it is easy for many businesses to focus on the revenue the season will bring. Shoppers will be looking for the best deals, searching for the perfect gift, and bringing a lot of business to retailers and hotels. However, although it’s tempting to focus on the profits and bottom line, now is the time to focus on improving the guest experience.

The way your employees interact with the guests, the deals and special offers, and the overall hospitality guests experience while at your hotel can have an effect their return business. Obviously, when guests are in your hotel, you want them to feel welcome and have a good experience so they want to return. Connect with your guests this holiday season by taking some time to make sure you’re meeting their needs and providing exceptional customer service.

Improve the customer experience with these 5 tips:

1. Personalize the guest experience. Make your regular customers feel special by acknowledging them and customizing your offers and deals to meet their interests. If they feel like they are your favorite customer and that you’ll go the extra mile to help them, they’ll be more inclined to keep returning and recommend your hotel to their family and friends.

Take some time to understand your customers and see what they are interested in. Perhaps you can provide them with a list of local holiday events around the area, parking tips, and other fun activities they might be interested in knowing more about. With the holiday season, there is sure to be something for everyone.

2. Turn complaints and negative situations into opportunities. In many cases, guest complaints are overlooked and is sometimes viewed as being a waste of time, especially if hotel’s feel the unhappy guest won’t return. This is a huge mistake. Complaints are an excellent time to better understand your guests and what they value. Take this time to listen to them and learn what you can do to make them feel like their opinions matter.

The more you listen to your guests and strive to improve the experience, the more likely you are to build customer loyalty and bring guests (even those who complained) back after the holidays are over.

3. Take a moment to properly train your employees. With the hecticness of the holidays, guests have a lot on their minds and are usually crunched on time and are on a budget. Help to ease their frustration by ensuring your employees are trained and have a good understanding of your holiday promotions so they can better assist your guests. The more knowledgeable and efficient your employees are in helping guests, the more likely guests are in returning to your hotel after the holidays.

During this stressful season, it is also important to make your employees feel valued. This could be something as simple as thanking them for all their hard work. If employees feel like you care about them, and are supportive of them, the better the overall customer experience will be. Guests are more inclined to come back to your hotel if your employees are friendly and helpful.

4. Learn from last years mistakes and successes. One way to provide your guests with exceptional service is to look back at the year before. Look back at the mistakes, things that were overlooked, and find ways you can rectify them for this year. What can you do to ensure those problems don’t arise this year and what you can do if they do.

While you’re reviewing last year’s mistakes, look at your successes too. What worked that you can do again this year? How can you build upon them to provide even better customer service? Always strive for excellence, not only from your employees, but from managers, stakeholders, and from yourself.

5. Find a way to give back to the community. The holiday season can definitely bring the stress out in people, but it can also make people feel more generous too. Involve your customers and employees by matching contributions made to local charities (provide a list of local charities they can choose from).

Take some time to brainstorm with your team, managers, and stakeholders on ways you can give back to the community, perhaps through sponsoring a local sports team, adopting a section of the highway, or providing paid school internships. When giving back to the community, remember to donate to a local charity that resonates with your brand and people.

Providing guests with the best experience is possible. Take some time to empathize with them and look for new ways you can make their experience more enjoyable. There are many simple things you can do—greeting them with a smile, listening to their complaints and addressing them, and avoiding the mistakes from the previous year. This is the time of year where people are doing a lot of shopping, why not stand out from your competitors and make their hotel experience one they’ll always remember.

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