Jeff Feinberg interviewed for Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine!

Don’t Leave Event Atmosphere to Chance

Jeff Feinberg, principal/ event producer for Roberts Event Group, Inc., said that the atmosphere of an event – and setting the right tone starting with a guest’s first impressions – is very important to its potential success or failure.

“When you enter an event or meeting site,  you form a positive or negative impression much like when one enters a home, restaurant, or business” he noted.  “These impressions can control emotions.  When you walk into the room, is it welcoming? Is it cold?  Does it feel sterile?  Does it seem like a place you want to spend time in?  Have fun?  Learn in?  The atmosphere is the first impression of your experience, and is significant to the success of your meeting or event.”

For Roberts Event Group, he said, “Our goal is to create an experience for attendees.  Visually by using great lighting, a few well-placed props, beautiful flowers and linens.  A striking stage set will provide another visual focal point.  Great music and engaging entertainment all work together to create memorable and unique settings.”

For the full article in May/ June 2016 Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine, click here.