Lancaster Tours

Tucked away in Pennsylvania is the beautiful city of Lancaster; a city filled with history and culture. Lancaster was founded in 1729 by James Hamilton and is currently the eighth most populated city in Pennsylvania.  Home to Amish farmlands and historic sites, picturesque Lancaster County is a destination that is sure to leave a memorable impression.

When visiting Lancaster, we can help you take advantage of the many tours Amish Country has to offer. One tour we offer allows you to experience an Amish farm and house. This 90-minute minibus tour takes you through the beautiful farmlands and countryside of Lancaster County. You’ll see Amish schoolhouses, buggies, barns, farms, roadside stands, historic homes, and farmlands. As you take the scenic route, our tour guides share and explain Amish culture, customs, and history to ensure you fully experience the Amish lifestyle.

Can you imagine living without electricity, or plowing a field with a horse? If this is something you need to see to believe, then take a Historic Amish Tour. Our knowledgeable tour guides will present you with facts and information about Amish culture in a unique and extraordinary way. While on the tour, you’ll stop at an 80 acre farm to really experience the Amish way of life.

Along with historic tours, Lancaster offers its visitors with historic hotels, antique factories, delicious Pennsylvania Dutch-style restaurants, an amusement park, rustic theatres, museums, markets, and so much more. This traditional city is sure to wow you with its beautiful scenery, historic roots, and charming people. While you’re in Lancaster, let us plan your transportation, special event, or teambuilding  and incentive activities.