PHLCVB- 75 Years!

PHLCVB: 75 Years of Service

The Bellevue Stratford Hotel advertises air-conditioned dining in this ad that shows City Hall in the background.

In 1941, a new organization joined the Philadelphia landscape when part of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce split off and became Philadelphia Convention & Tourist Bureau.

PHLCVB 75th sealIn the 75 years since, Philadelphia continued its growth into a world-class metropolis, much as the PCTB evolved into the world-class Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB).

So much has changed over the decades. During the 1940s, the organization that would become the PHLCVB brought about 170 meetings — and 100,000 attendees — per year to Philadelphia, generating almost $7 million per year (or about $85 million per year in 2015 dollars).

By 2015, for comparison, the PHLCVB brought 580 meetings and 2 million attendees to the city and generated $1.1 billion in economic impact.

But much also has remained the same: More than 100 PHLCVB members predate our organization. We’re proud to be associated with these long-term members as well as with all the strong businesses that have joined their ranks through the years.

As we go forward in our 75th anniversary year, we’re asking PHLCVB members and anyone else to share their historic images of the city and themselves by using the #PHLCVB75 hashtag onFacebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our 75th anniversary celebrations will culminate with our Annual Luncheon on Nov. 23. Between now and then, we have several initiatives planned, including 75 Acts of Giving, in which our staff members will volunteer at organizations throughout the city to give back by committing to 75 charitable acts. All of these activities will be documented via our web and social accounts.

Stay tuned for even more to come.


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