Saving Money on Centerpieces

Centerpieces are a great addition to the décor of any event, but sometimes they can also break the budget. There are ways to get creative so that you don’t have to sacrifice the look for your event in order to meet a tight budget.

Below are a few ideas of how to save money on centerpieces:

  • Utilize centerpieces on every other table.  This idea can literally cut your floral spend in half!
  • Use centerpieces that aren’t florals; lights, votive, colored water, candy, river rocks, or even plants!  Get creative to fill the space!
  • If you have multiple events, use flowers in your centerpieces that will last throughout the week.  If you want a different look, change out the vases or containers to keep things fresh!
  • Change the scope.  For this idea you can use smaller centerpieces on tables but surround them with candles to fill up the space.
  • Spend on your linen, but save on the centerpiece!  The overall look and feel is still enhanced, but you save a bundle on fresh flowers. SB26636