Securing your Event

Crisis Management, Emergency Planning, Be Prepared!

Here are our tips as featured in Mid-Atlantic Events July/August 2017 edition: To view Mid-Atlantic article, click here

When people think of events they think of the wow moments; the dazzling entertainment, the speaker that gave them aha moments, or the private access to a first class museum.  We as planners know there are many elements that go into letting guests only think about those moments, and one of those elements is security.  Here are some tips to making sure your events get full security clearance;

  • Don’t overlook cyber security. Nothing could take down attendee’s satisfaction like denying them internet access.  If you are in house at an event site for more than 24 hours offering an updated secure wifi password every 12 hours can go a long way in having attendees feel secure.
  • Emergency Preparedness. Make sure you have a plan, and that all the team knows about it.  Should an emergency happen, your event attendees will be most secure with a plan to follow.
  • Bring in the pros! Don’t assume a venues security is there to assist in your event.  If you need security, be sure to hire them.  If you’re securing a large public event, plain clothes security can go a long way to keeping their eye on the crowd.
  • Be vigilant, but not a vigilante. If you SEE something, SAY something!  If there is a suspicious backpack or luggage that suddenly appears at your event, don’t move it yourself, follow the right procedures.   Following proper procedures go a long way in securing us all.