Sponsorship Opportunities for Events (which help with offsetting costs!)

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Tips & Trends to Create Sponsorship Opportunities at Events

  • Integrate the brand into an interactive component. For example, a car company can bring in a vehicle for a photo op, or a children’s company can sponsor a craft station.
  • Incorporate brands into center pieces or other decorations throughout the event space, whether that means colors in the linens or props in the centerpieces, etc.
  • Invite sponsors to brand the live stream of the event.
  • Sponsor snapchat geofilters.
  • Sponsor free parking.
  • Allow sponsors to create a unique photo wall with their product. For example, a backdrop made of champagne bottles.
  • If your venue has a pool, take advantage of sponsored pool floats or floating logos.
  • Sponsor charging stations or wifi.
  • A QR Code scavenger hunt can lead attendees to the sponsor’s booth at a tradeshow or special event.
  • Sponsor a VIP lounge.