Team Building, CSR & Give Back Events!

Within the past few years teambuilding activities have become an integral part in increasing employee retention and satisfaction. These activities allow employees to bond with their peers without being overly extravagant. Here are a are some trends in teambuilding activities, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and Give Back events that we have seen recently:

  • Mixology Classes and Competitions have become a very popular option for teambuilding activities. A mixologist will facilitate a private class where guests will learn how to make different cocktails and specialty drinks. Sometimes competitions can be incorporated and members will vote on whose drink they enjoy the most! This is a great way to bond with coworkers while enjoying great drinks and snacks!
  • City Scavenger hunts allow participants to not only bond with each other but also get to know the ins and outs of the city that they are in. They are highly customizable and encourage better communication within the team.
  • Graffiti art workshops are a great way to the creative juices flowing! An artist will come in and do a demonstration for the participants and then the group will create their own piece of art together. This collaborative effort creates a unique environment that may carry over to the workplace!
  • Give Back & CSR events allow participants to spend time working together on something for the greater good.  We’ve packed backpacks for Cradles to Crayons, had can competitions that involved donating canned food, and worked together boxing meals for tens of thousands.   All in a good days work!Elfretz Alley