Tips in Planning for your Outdoor Event

Tips in Planning for When Your Events are Outside:

By Abby Homol, Roberts Event Group, a Hosts Global Member.

printed in Nov/December Mid Atlantic Events Magazine

Planning for an outdoor event requires logistical expertise that is not needed when utilizing an indoor venue. Not only do you need to plan for street closures, but you also need to have a plan A and plan B, in case of inclement weather. At Roberts Event Group we have had experience in helping to plan several outdoor events and festivals including; Feastival, Welcome America and PIFA. Below are a few tips we have to offer based on our experience in planning for outdoor events:

Street Permits

Make sure to obtain the proper street permits if you need road closures for your event. It is also important to make sure that there are tow trucks onsite to move any vehicles that may be in the way of your event set-up on the street.

Advanced Notice

Warn any bus companies or businesses that may be affected by the street closures for your event. It is always best to be proactive and let those affected by the closures know ahead of time so they can make necessary alternative plans.

Safety Plan

Create a thorough safety plan that accounts for natural and man-made disasters. The safety plan should be shared with all parties involved with the event to ensure everyone is on the same page in case of an emergency.

Rain Plan

A rain plan should be created for all outdoor events and a deadline for enacting the rain plan should be determined. All vendors involved should know the decision deadline for the plan. Make sure to set a deadline that leaves you enough time to successfully implement the alternative plan.

Outdoor events offer the limitless opportunities for space design and capacity for your audience, and with the right production, can go off as flawlessly as a meeting in a box set up.  The end result of a successful outdoor event is always as magnificent as the undertaking.


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