Tips & Trends to Help Stay Healthy During a Meeting

By our own Abby Homol!  In March/ April Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine

Tips & Trends to Help Stay Healthy During a Meeting

Constantly traveling for meetings as a planner or attendee can put a strain on your body, and your everyday exercise routine. Sticking with an exercise plan can be difficult when your schedule is outlined for you every day in the meeting agenda. Use these tips to help fit exercise into your next meeting:

  1. Organize a different fitness classes each morning
    • there are a variety of classes that can be done by beginners inside and outside the hotel tai chi classes, yoga classes, brisk walking tour, zumba class
  1. Map out different run routes in the city and pass maps out to attendees. They can go at their own leisure, or elect a leader to head up a running group every morning
  2. Incorporate the latest fitness trend in your next meeting – wearable technology
  • provide attendees with pedometers and encourage them to compete for the most steps throughout the course of the meeting
  1. Meetings can get long, with a lot of sitting involved. Plan quick 5 minute stretch breaks for attendees
  • bring in a professional to lead a stretch/activity break to help reenergize attendees during the meeting
  1. Provide healthy selections during meals and breaks
  • create your own parfait and smoothie bars are great healthy options for meeting breaks

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