Top Trends in Branding!

Branding has become a major aspect in planning an event, especially during conventions, when multiple companies are vying for the same attendee’s attention. It isn’t enough anymore to have your company name on a few signs and banners around the event space. Groups are getting creative with how to brand every part of the event, from start to finish. Here are a few tips on how to integrate branding into your next event:

  • Branded transportation to the event: window clings, bus wrapping, branded headrest covers
  • Branding food at the event: signature drink named after the company, branded desserts, branded fruit
  • Branding of furniture: pillows, hi-tops, bars, carpets, seating
  • Branded lighting: gobos of the company logo
  • Branding staffing: bartenders, waiters/waitresses all wearing company branded shirts

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