TREND ALERT- Interactive Event Ideas

Trending Interactive Event Ideas

With an increased focus on technology, there is a strong desire to create more interactive and high tech events. From the catering, to the décor, to the entertainment, below are a few ways to create a more interactive event atmosphere:

  • Coordinate the dress of the servers and bartenders to the theme of the event. This is a simple and cost effective way to get guests’ attention and create a lasting impression.
  • Incorporating a live event artist adds a unique form of entertainment. Whether it is a digital artist, graffiti artist, or print artist, guests will be able to watch the different stages of an original piece of artwork come to life.
  • Photo and video stations that allow social sharing are a great way to advertise an event or a brand. The photos and videos could be branded for sponsorship opportunities. These stations allow guests to print their photos as well as digital sharing for data capturing.
  • “Make your own…” stations allow guests to customize their food or drink. This will also create more guest interaction and networking opportunities as they gather around the table or bar to create their very own customized food or drink!
  • Virtual reality stations are taking over the event scene. These stations will transport guests to a different part of the world or even universe! Matching the virtual destination to the theme of the event creates a memorable guest experience.

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