When the UnPlanned happens at your Planned Event

Just last week we watched a terrific presentation on Emergency Planning for events during the RIMS 2017 InSite presentations.  The presentation was powerful, highlighting a case study of the tragic stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair in 2011 that claimed 7 lives.  And then, this weekend we watched the horrific news unfold of the Orlando shooting claiming 49 lives and injuring over 50 more.  These tragedies are rare, but we can not ignore that they happen.  As event planners, we think through and plan every detail of an event or program- but what about the unplanned…or the unthinkable?   Below are resources from Yale University’s Special Event Emergency Planning guide, and although they are specific to Yale University they are a good resource for you to apply to your event location, city or township.  I encourage you to read through the plan, and also explore the website.  Let’s all work together to be prepared for this world we live in, and let these tragedies remind us that we’re all in this together.

Pray For Orlando

Special Event Emergency Planning


Not every planned special event runs as scheduled. Some incidents occur that are beyond our control. To ensure the safety of our community and visitors, each of us has the responsibility to protect and minimize the impacts of an emergency at a planned special event. The three key elements of emergency management are Plan, Evaluate, Respond.

Download this fillable PDF planning guide to help develop your plan.

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